Invisible War

After the Great Collapse, the world reconstructs...
In the end, the beginning of humanity was just an illusion.

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A glance of IW

Invisible War is a story that depicts human suffering and survival towards the destiny of human destruction. In essence, every object that exists has a continuous invisible war or conflict. The main character in the story is struggling to find himself, in addition, to stop the person who has become the Redeemer of the world. This Redeemer, is nothing but the Influencer of many, who ultimately wants the human race controlled, contained, and ultimately destroyed. During all this conflict, many factions are playing against each other in a power struggle for land, water, and religious control. These factions believe that they will be the one that will up rise and bring stability and law to Earth, when in the end, they were just a controlled force to destroy the other in attempt for total destruction.

In the time of The Coming, of the Ends Of Earth, humans will consistently build and re-build, hoping that peace and structure will enter their lives. The followers of many shall flock to the powers that be and in hopes that a structured society will prevail, only to find that their destiny lies within their own paths, and influenced by the destiny of others.

Invisible War is a story that opens the mind of questions. It is a story of compassion and determination. It is a story of mind psyche in which will help liberate the mind into knowing that the events of reality are separate from the events from the mind. Our bodies are the transport, and our minds are the tool to get us to our destiny---

--to our end.

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invisible war, in detail

INVISIBLE WAR has many characters of race, culture, and religion. They're also connected in a way from a series of events, whether indirect or not. From one character to another: Deceit, greed, and corruption of power play against each other to reconstruct humanity in the year 2044. However, humanity almost fell into near destruction called the Great Collapse from an angry Earth that had been rumbling and shaking, reminding us not to repeat our destructive history. For those that have survived, many had lost hope, suffering from faith and religious intolerance, and a desire for a single leader to save them. Our world reminded us that it didn't need us, we needed it.

As the world emerges from the Great Collapse, many try to flee towards the rebuilt cities of surviving governments and corporations, divide into tribes, or fled to the coveted Sea Arcologies (enormous hyper-cities on the sea) to restart life. If it wasn't for technology and bio-modified augmentation before the Great Collapse, humans would've never stood a chance for survival. Now resources such as energy, air, water, and food are scarce. Humans once again struggle to obtain it as others seek out domination and control.

As previous world leaders and corporations bicker over the Reconstruct of humanity, a woman named Echo Santori formulates a templated plan and miraculously obtains many backers to quickly spearhead the Reconstruct. As she creates the New World Organisation, the world adopt its plans and recognise her as the leader many have been waiting for. Receiving a SENI, or the Social Economic Numbering Identifier, attached to the NWO's network, civilians can live in peace and order as they are tracked in the warranted world. For the unwarranted, you are left behind, or secretly destroyed.

In opposite to the NWO's reconstruct, many factions and outsiders oppose the plan and wish to start their own government, creating a volley of wars. As a result, factions pit against each other using information brokers to seek out weaknesses and gather vital information to use their own technology against them. As Pterondynes fly through the air sending missiles and soldiers to fight battles, the machines and hybridynes (artificial intelligence composed of machinery and organic parts) begin to query each other of the instability of humans. It is up to Soren Salus, the new leader of the Final Insularity to maintain order as the prophecies tell of another final Great War and destruction of the human race.

Lurking in the shadows of the Invisible War is another diabolical scheme. The organics who elected to become a hybridyne, information brokers, and full-bred artificial constructs feed information to N.O.A.H. (Non Organic Analytical Hybridyne) who realises humans are too unpredictable. Now it is up to N.O.A.H to aid the humans from total destruction, or decide to seek survival elsewhere.

As the journey progresses, you'll meet the Orphanics, young augmented soldiers created from lifted DNA and aborted kids who join the war to help bring stability. You see corporations who desire good intentions for humanity, but kept them sick or dependent for their own profitable gain. You'll meet a man from Iran who created a treaty that brought Muslim, Christians, Buddhist, and atheist together to live in a peaceful environment. You'll witness how the loss of faith births corruption to drive the kinetic actions of repetitive destruction. You'll witness the whistle blower that revealed the true motive behind the NWO and destroyed many if they didn't accept their Reconstruct.

As the world unfolds, it's now up to humanity to receive its second chance in the form of peace and stability. When you journey into what could happen next, you'll find that there's a master puppeteer controlling the aspects of peace, power, and control all along.

...The dinosaurs had it easy.


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Invisible War is a 165K word (the compendium is 340,000+) dystopian, cyberpunk science fiction novel involving many characters with many cultural and religious backgrounds. It takes place during/after post apocalyptic events. With humanity trying to rebuild itself, many factions play against each other in a power struggle for land, water, and religious control. Only in the end, they were all controlled to destroy each other in attempt for total exinction of an imperfect species. Depending on your level of experience of reading, it could take a day, up to a week.

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Sample Prologue & First Chapter

Audition the PROLOGUE and FIRST CHAPTER of Invisible War (unedited)


The Great Collapse is considered the preeminent major disaster in human history. Earth was weary and tired of its inhabitants robbing resources without recycling back and, in so doing, upsetting the natural balance and cycles. If this was not enough, the world went to war over various disputes stemming from religious conflicts, land, food, geopolitical boundaries, and political power. And when human tolerance finally had exceeded its limit, World War III commenced and ripped at the already fragile Earth.

Humans created the perfect disaster. Nature in its wisdom knows no balance or imbalance as it repairs itself. The Great Collapse was foretold by the New Covenant's Honourable Robert Turner from collected historical data. The New Convenant was a strong military force and the highlight of the Christian faith merged after its persecution. Turner prognosticated that The Great Collapse would be a calamitous event that would happen upon the result of human error and the possibility of the contingency of irresponsibility. In one of his speeches while the World War was in full swing he stated, "The Oceans are angry. The land rumbles with anger and in terror. The skies precipitate sweat and tears. The unprepared will be destroyed, and all humans will raise their fists to the skies, cursing God."

He ended up being accurate while many had mocked him. Therefore, Robert Turner was nicknamed "Noah," for those who survived the harsh and deadly Great Collapse.

The Earth shook and rumbled in revolt from human destruction and the irresponsibility of wars. As various places around the world were destroyed, seismic activity and superstorms increased. Artificial human constructs were ripped apart and shattered with unforgiving fury, and infrastructures such as dams, power plants, bridges, buildings, and the like were rendered useless and unserviceable. This massive and widespread destruction created fractures in the Earth’s crust and entire continents began to violently shift, shaken from their very foundations. The fractures were further disturbed by incessant bombings and the relentless assault of artillery shells spawned by military conflict. As the world went along its expansive course of global war, the Earth was failing in its efforts to repair and rescue itself from imminent destruction.

The Ring of Fire, the outline fringing the edges of all the continents and where most earthquakes historically have occurred, came to life with a vengeance heretofore unseen. In addition, places where humans mined, drilled and dug began to erode and give way to vast unexplained sinkholes and miles upon miles of quicksand and swampland.

Earthquakes beget volcanic eruptions while volcanic eruptions resulted atmospheric contamination and superstorms. The Earth was retaliating against the atrocities brought upon it, and the Earth declared itself a damned near uninhabitable place.

Not one soul was aware of the awakening monster, but soon, humanity would stop in its tracks and take notice. And when the reality was finally grasped, it was too late. The skies were filled with black and white volcanic soot and radiation fallout, precipitating toxic weather, darkness and death, and poisoning everything that touched or breathed the air. The land constantly rumbled in angry defiance and succumbed into the Earth’s core. The era of BlackSky had unleashed itself upon humanity. Earth’s rebellion was complete and it held the dregs of humanity captive under a canopy that blocked out the life-giving rays of the Sun, hoping to curse and ensure the final destruction of its bane.

An innumerable number of people perished from the face of the Earth. Homes were destroyed, cities were leveled, and governments failed, along with their military. The natural disasters preceding the Great Collapse lasted 7 days and 7 nights, starting with a peaceful ash storm and calming winds, and ending with a fury that never will be forgotten. The BlackSky covered the Earth causing more misery. The Sun hardly peeked through and when it did, life could only get a mere glimpse of it –– just enough to serve as a reminder of man’s fail.

After the Great Collapse, BlackSky lingered for 7 successive years, leaving the world a cold, dreary and desolate-looking place. Even on what historically should have been a summer day in most climates, the world was dark and fogged by a toxic haze of a deadly, radioactive atmosphere. Vegetation was arduous to grow outside of temperature-controlled, hydroponic vertical farms since the land had been ruined by human war, radiation, destruction, and weather. And, even then, food was scarce, highly coveted and almost prohibitively costly.

Humans, however, began to emerge from the wreckage and rebuild, although still dispersed and without communication among the various survivors. Thankfully technology helped the world when it came to shelters and protection devices, but most still perished. Most people had begun to feel as if they were starting “civilization” all over again, forming camps, sects, villages, cities, and governments. After the hardship of re-evolution, everyone felt a new sense of being rebooted.

Communication grids, knocked out when power and telephone lines were destroyed, were slowly reestablished within local areas of countries. Technology was very slow to progress, and law and order was in chaos. Governments, politicians and the rich were self-protected, but anarchy ruled until survival of the fittest gave way to survival of the species. Virtually everyone sustained devastating loss – of family, friends, money, and assets. But for many, it was a sign – a cleansing from God and a renewal of a need for faith accompanied by a requisite fear that sparked a revival of religions, old and new, in different regions.

The re-evolution of humanity was arduous, but a few years later, corporations, built from the ground up, began to emerge and establish themselves. Eventually, corporations, and particularly pharmaceutical companies and financial institutions, began to control all matters of daily life and trade, becoming the peak source of power and influence in the new, emerging society. Corporations and free enterprises were the ones who also pioneered a new, emerging world order, forging a new human destiny. The old, “traditional” governments struggled, but reliance on corporations and trade systems to establish and keep law and order seemed a logical turn in human events. Thus, the need for a global world order would develop.

Now that the dust settled, humanity has been given another change by Mother Earth. Perhaps it will not repeat history as it has selfishly done so for many years? Perhaps humanity could restructure and work together for a harmonious life?

That is up to humanity to create history, not repeat it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The eight wheeled armored vehicle made its way through rough mountains and hardpan. The skin of the Terrain War Transport, or TWT, was worn and weathered, tinged with black and white flash-burn scoring. It was dust and soot that hid most of the original paint, a telltale sign revealing age from its previous battles. It wobbled like a drunken thug, stumbling through rocks and rough terrain. Outside mounted radars sniffed the musty air as it seemed to be looking for something, a special signal perhaps, grunting as it traversed over rock and ash.

The nine Orphanics that composed Section Team Victor managed to maintain their duties in the confined body of the TWT. As weary as the transport, from a previous mission, the young warriors were not thinking of playing like normal children do. They were searching for something. The hot air inside, vented by small fans, gave some respite to the aggravation of the bumpy and crappy ride.

These weren't your typical soldiers that carried swords and rode horses. Nor did they fly, at full speed, in space-crafts shooting lasers. These weren't warriors who sailed the high seas or fought for a religious cause, and certainly these warriors weren't your typical street thugs. These were warriors, young children at that, who were augmented and biologically re-engineered to be trained as elite infantry professionals.

Chelsea peered out the crusty window and imagined how everything would look like in another hundred years. There weren't many places that looked remotely beautiful, and just for a while, she enjoyed what she could. Clearing the window to get a better look, she wondered if the world would ever change. What would Section Team Victor do when all the wars were fought? A few surviving trees and some greenery gave hope that life could be better. One can only hope.

"Commander," a tired Tan muttered. "There is nothing here! These cannot be the right coordinates. I'm not coming up with anything conclusive!" A scanning button was punched from the result of his frustration.

"That cannot be right," Chelsea affirmed. Her view was interrupted, looked towards his way. "Try again."

Tan grunted. He had enough searching for today.

Tan, the Orphanic who can Blade, the ability to hack and assimilate into any network subsystems, wasn't cutting into flesh or machinery. He realised he needed to cut his own chiding tone. Tan was chosen on this mission to find a cryptic location, but the task proved operose and annoying. Occasionally he would mumble something but the team ignored his unintelligible non-sequiturs.

Equally annoying was the stolen cargo carrying the extra dead-weight of worry. Their orders, from a previous mission, was to deliver the drop off. However, this mission took a much higher priority instead. It wasn't the best plan of action and it sure hell wasn't Chelsea's call. It was her superiors --that commanded such a damned mission in the first place. The cargo made it feel smaller as it littered throughout the floor and the aft. Damn it was hot, and she felt sorry for the transport. It probably hated being the mule on this mission.

Chelsea is the leader of the Orphanics. And while she was the leader, she was also the most troubled of them all.

Before the world experienced its first wholesale destruction from natural and human created disasters known as the Great Collapse, humans have augmented themselves to live longer, replace body parts that had failed, and to be used in war. At the age of sixteen she was one of the first children to undergo such a bio-engineered augmentation program known as the Emptive-P Li project. She was chosen due to her extreme intelligence and ability to solve complexed problems. Sadly her parents sold her to BioMedLife; the company that created such powerful soldiers based on those type of abilities.

She was chosen as to lead because of her ability to remain phlegmatic of her emotional memories when BioMedLife attempted to obliterate them. This eventually became her weakness, fighting her past, but enabled her to remain herself instead of a soldier who did not know who they originally were.

During various military war-game training sessions, Chelsea formed assemblies to teach the others how to regain their memories, thus revealing their past. To their dismay, a haunted past was revealed: They learned Orphanics were a product of aborted fetuses, or were sold because orphanages got rid the troubled kids. The lost and forgotten children that nobody wanted was secretly shuffled into BioMedLife and created into something every government body wanted: Augmented elite soldiers. This gave them the opportunity to be deployed on missions where unconventional warfare was applied. Later, her choleric disposition caused her to rebel against the BioMedLife facility, turned many Orphanics against their creators, and lead them all towards their freedom.

"This is probably the worst search-and-rescue mission I've ever been on," Tan sighed.

The Orphanic, Char sat on the cargo. He cleaned his Cassius Combine S1-W incinerator shotgun while humming an old tune “Estamos en casa” but stopped to agree. "Yeah. Wished Romac was here to scout ahead!"

"What --I'm not good?" Tan boasted. His face falling from the glow of the monitor. Char was doing something with his shotgun, but Tan or any other Orphanic, didn't pay attention.

"Nope. It's 'juss that kid knows how to scout ahead. I swear he can scan 20 kilometers in fast records' time. I don't know how he does it without a pterondyne." Char, the clone from another Orphanic named L34, replied.

"I have to agree on that," Tan muttered. He regrettably admitted it but agreed Char was right.

"When are we going to execute this drop off? I don't feel right about it," asked Susa. She and another Orphanic named Bao loved to get in the deep-end of shit when the time came. Both holding no special powers and abilities like the others, they possessed the basic bio-engineered augmentations.

"After this mission, hopefully, Susa. I don't feel right about it either." Chelsea said as a matter of factly. "Let's just get this damned package and get back."

Petrov, the most delinquent Orphanic of them all, was in his own world trying to decipher a signal that the transport picked up. He was an excellent warrior but, oh no, he preferred to play instead. His power abilities allowed him to fit into tiny spots by compressing himself, hiding from his enemies. That wasn’t delinquent, no, but at times he would devise a C-9 sticky grenades, placed them in various areas, skipping away, while his startled friends woke up in the pissiest mood.

He wasn't sure if he was ready to notify the crew, or to even trust his own conviction as he read the results on screen. He turned knobs and studied two square windows plotting singular curves. The streaming data on another monitor rained towards the bottom of the screen with more results. He adjusted the knobs again to arrest the signal but it was arduous due to the mountains closing around them like a gang of bullying assholes. He cursed in under his Russian breathe, wishing they could use the Orphanic network, ChronOS. That internal system was a way to obtain information between all Orphanics, but the peer-to-peer network would only return shoulder shrugs. Contacting the information brokers for additional aid would also be a bad idea. Still, hiring one would only subjugate their mission, as information brokers can’t be trusted. They would potentially sell the coordinates, of the somewhat hospitable area, and the final location of their mission. Someone out there would buy the data, that's just how people trade these days.

Petrov scanned on.

Tiny cameras oscillated outside the TWT giving the line of sight while traversing the mountains and valleys painted with variegated greens and browns. On the monitors the outlook was appreciated because it would probably be the last time they would come to a place like this. Occasional bright light peeked through the thick, dark clouds above but the natural fallout known as BlackSky rushed to cover it and turn everything dark and eerie again. It kept the sun a secret from the rest of the world --as it should, since humans came so close to destroying the world in the first place.

The Orphanic, Chaktakk, fiddled through the stolen items in the convoy. He was an excellent hacker who loved breaking into things to modify, or “mod” them for improvement. Chaktakk smiled after finding an operation amplifier. It was a simple and elegant device that resembled a beetle. He hugged it —and— Chelsea, catching him in the act, shook her head. He continued to grin giving a passable rendition of a little girl finding her lost doll. His unhurried eyes opened but showed no shame.

“Do you know what’s the most, absolutely useful, electronic part ever made in history?” he grinned, as if nothing happened.

Chelsea’s shoulders shrugged out of boredom, but he continued his hug; adding a shitty grin, “The switch!”

Sy, the medical specialist on-board, witnessed all this while going through medical data from the stolen cache. Although Sy didn't care to take the credit, he was the Orphanic who devised RadonNuclide, a faster administration to cure cancer. You must understand though, Sy never attended his own sustainable injuries, but will go out of his way to administer medical attention to his fellow Orphanic or human friends. He huffed in derisive laughter, threw the tablet device holding the antiquated medical data back into the heap of “junk”, grunted and chose to go back to sleep.

Still, it was a wonderful and humourus sight to see, but the Orphanics could not let their guard down. Oh no, especially while not harbouring that damned stolen cargo. Chelsea's own paranoia questioned moment’s peace knowing there’s a possibility of them being tracked, but prayed they weren’t at the moment. They came out of a heated battle getting the cargo, a plan ruined by a pissy Char who couldn't keep his attitude in check, and the last thing they need is another battle. Luckily, they pushed back the adversaries and most fled due to the Orphanics' crazy powers.

"I think I have a lead," Tan ventured. A few red lines on the monitor converged while numbers trailed off the side. "Trying to hold the triangulation. Ah! Damn this is hard to punch!"

An interested Chaktakk bolted over towards Tan, along with Chelsea and Bao. Sy remained laying, sucking on his last Mitogen pack to regain energy. He didn’t even raise an acknowledgment whatsoever.

"Can you punch and hold," Chelsea inquired. Her eyes focused on randomly covered all monitors. "I know it has to be around here!"

"I'm trying to do that. Split-second signal loss. Tried amplifying, but damn these mountains, and whatever it is stealing the signal."

"Diffraction scattering, probable," Chaktakk guessed. "Sadly, I don't have the gear for you --or I'd mod it to get around that."

"Hmm, trying stabiliser." Tan punched a button as Susa shifted power to the auxiliary systems. "Maybe we can get signal repeaters to touch and trace?"

"I didn't think of that. You have skills, Tan!"

Tan flashed an irritable frown at Chaktakk as the unctuous E-Class I Electronics engineer laughed it up.

"Tan, what about that other monitor?" Bao asked. His eyes caught a monotonous yellow dot. In fact, the dot flashed and grew larger within seconds.

Tan slammed the HOLD button, locked the coordinates. "This is best ... guess. We could be wrong, but it has to be in this vicinity! Let’s get whatever we need to get and get out and get going. Wow, that’s a lot of ‘gets’! Get it?"

Chaktakk guffawed at the so-called joke. Susa’s concentrated face looked up from the monitors, annoyed in a twisted rictus, “Chak, c’mon! It wasn’t that funny!”

Sy opened his eyes, lumbered towards the party, stared into the monitor. He made lip smacking sounds as if he finished eating, "Are we home yet?" He stretched and scratched a couple of fake itches. A faint yawn followed.

"Guys!" Petrov inserted. "We have company! Not one of us!"

Swinging back into his chair Tan zoomed onto the signal, remembering what Bao asked. Those yellow dots were a problem. "Petrov? Are you seeing what I am seeing?"

"Told you guys!" he said matter-of-factly.”These aren’t friendlies. Whoever we fought previously must‘uv tracked us down!”
"Probably seeing too much than I want to," the Russian kid joked. "Those yellow dots look like all of sudden snow-flakes crashing onto a windscreen."

Tan dashed up the top of the transport and mounted the turrets. Running the scanners confirmed the bad news: Opponents were coming from all directions. And in the sky, several blips signifying angry aircraft.

Chaktakk was not waiting. He gathered all the energy capsules of Mitogen, the substance to help repair wounds and supply energy to Orphanics' augmentations. "Aye! It's the Ashnishnia, no doubt! They're coming to get their mierda back! I knew it when Char pissed them all off! They simply regrouped!"

"Full speed ahead. Ready missiles and turrets!" Chelsea commanded.

"Negative, Commander." Susa announced. "This mule is not going anywhere else unless we put a hole in the mountain up ahead."

This could be a problem. With all Orphanics snuggled in a sardine can, it would not be a formidable fight. In fact, several blasts to the TWT will seriously injure everyone. Its shields, and due to the technology behind them, were already weakened from the last battle. Repairs were impossible with time and materials not on their side.

Chelsea loathed being in tight quarters. She loved a good challenge against any unknown situations though What she did not like was risking her team, "Understood, Susa." She slung her gear on her back. "Weapons live and mounted, Section Team Victor! Secure our last position within our ChronOS and link up mission details. Sy, how long until we make it up that area? That's where we need to be."

Tan's interruption echoed through the transport, "Chels! We have enemy aft and port side. About 150 strong. Pterondynes detected and, oh boy --I count three!"

Chelsea bit her lip, but refrained from displaying anger. "New orders: Secondary priority in securing the cargo. Tan, contact Follow for immediate air support."

"Enabled, Chelsea," Tan acknowledged. "Raising shields! --Or what we have left." His last sentence was more quieter. Chelsea still heard, but understood his frustration.

Sy looked at Chelsea, one eyebrow raised, lips pursed to the side. "Ten minute hike, but twenty-five if you don't mind the scenery." She squirmed passed and moved towards the window to get a confirming peek. She remembered how she thought the world would be in another hundred years. She was hoping for a better scene or for Sy to be wrong. She sighed, turned around, and turned towards the exit, "I prefer the fresh air anyway."

Pterondynes, frightening monsters who lived in the sky, were outfitted with high performance, quad rotors supplemented with jet engines. These weren’t your typical aircraft controlled by remote or any other means. They contained no pilot, but it was driven by some sort of central processing unit, composed of organic material and machinery. Upon death, human donors dedicated their brains and other organic material to assimilate with the machines to do a service for others. Some say that inmates from prisons were involuntary donors in the construction of pterondynes.

The three floating, wide-winged, pterondynes fanned their way through the BlackSky clouds trying to get a glimpse of the Terrain War Transport. Its radars and infrared scopes attempted to lock target, but the dark clouds toyed with their estimated guesses. All three aircraft elected to blindly send a salvo of hell, hoping for a lucky strike.

Inside, the Orphanic warriors mounted their weapons, checked their armour and gear. That's when the side of the transport was hit. A rush of hot air sent them reeling, the smell of molten metal filled the air.

Chelsea squinted as her optic sensors reboot, slowly struggling to get up from the hellfire that knocked her three feet back on her ass. Her auditory functions picked up a few grunts and coughs from her comrades. Her ChronOS heads-up display revealed acceptable life signs too. When her disconcerted vision finally adjusted, she accidentally fell out of the gaping hole, a result from the blast, trying to appraise the new battle-field. That’s when a life sign in her heads-up display winked out. Quickly turning around, she saw a limp Tan hung over twisted metal that used to be an observation deck. Blood dripped from his mouth while other colourful liquids, signifying death, seeped from the cracks of his armour. In the ChronOS, Chelsea listed Tan as Killed In Action. The rest of the Orphanics received the status within nanoseconds. They’ve already seen the last 10 second video feed prior to his death.

"Move!” Chelsea pointed with a commanding voice and finger. It was hard to control her anger. “Keep the mission a priority!"

An audible voice, commingled with static, poked within Chelsea’s cochlear implants . "This is Follow, but I can barely copy. Acknowledge position!"

Chelsea did not have time to respond, she would send the coordinates on an encrypted channel through her portable arm communicator. But before she did, she grabbed Tan, swung him over her back.

At least they can have their damned cargo back, she mumbled to herself, not wanting to admit defeat.
The Ashnishnia, an enormous and feared terrorist group, were hot on their trail. Previously, the Orphanics raided several of their convoy lines, thus starting a war with one of their encampments after stealing their resource convoys. An unlikable freelancing bounty hunter, Al-Kasaar Somer, lead the hatred to squash all Orphanic warriors. He knew they were tough --damn tough, but there’s no way in hell these little bastards are getting away.

Chelsea caught up with the rest of her team, catching her breathe, looking back. "Looks like fifty. Maybe sixty. I count more, but faint marks over to the east. These goons want their stuff back, and that’s fine, but we have a more important mission right now."
Sy unlimbered Tan from her shoulders. He began to disassemble Tan’s bio-modified extensions and placed them into his backpack. Tan was dead, that's for sure, but hopefully his equipment and limbs still functioned.

"Still hundred and fifty we have to deal with though. I notified Follow of our position. Maybe the transmission went through because the comms were shot by the time I got Tan. She’ll be here soon, I have faith in her."

No other warrior spoke. They knew what was coming next. All they could do is maintain mission priority. Susa and Bao continued, occasionally pointing their weapons at the overhead aircraft. Normally, BlackSky was cursed for covering the sun, but today it was appreciated from the pterondyne's ability not to see or get an accurate shot. Susa and Boa hoped that the dangerous aircraft won't land, unloading additional goons, and surely wouldn’t try to run them over.

Sy and Char took flanking positions, Chaktakk and Petrov followed behind. Chelsea lead the pack towards the horizon, just enough to sniff ahead. "There ... Flat lands! Schism and shoot."

Now the sun thought it was doing everyone a favour by providing immediate light to traverse the Earth. That posed a problem. This means that the nasty pterondynes now had the ability to lock onto targets.

That's when the artillery, the thugs, and their angry sticks and stones came closer.

"Take cover!" Chelsea yelled as she unlimbered her weapons. Drool percolated from her angry lips. The situation just got real. Her Hyper-Eluktoid Core Resonator (HELCOR) pistols blazed and swore.

The Ashnishnia was coming fast upon them, descending with glowing projectiles taking the lead. The Inertial Confinement Energy (ICE) ammunition emitted from the HELCOR pistols aimed and attempted to lock their targets. Unfortunately, the targeting didn't work, due to the instinctual ChronOS changing internal signatures within the Orphanics blood. The Ashnishnia shot anyways.

The flying pterondynes provided annoying tactics as well. A precipitation of pelting molten energy of the same ICE-47 projectiles almost sent the Orphanics reeling back for cover. Adjusting her tactics, using her shields, Chelsea stayed on their six and deflected the energy pellets, but she knew this couldn’t go on for long; shields were energy taxing and the technology was never perfected. Too pissed off to care, she fought them off.

The young children of Section Team Victor dodged everything that was sent their way. Some even used their power abilities to deflect harmful objects and bullets. Rocket fire was another thing, as one seared right past Petrov’s face. They managed to have time to huddle together and use the Focus: An ability to combine and supplement concentrated abilities to change the harshness of the environment. They did, because the combined shielding bounced away a few rocket mortars into a plume of hot dust.

Petrov chuckled, “That’s nothing!”

"Commander! I have the position!" Susa shouted. She scanned ahead while shooting down a few Ashnishnia baddies. One clipped her in the leg, but she shrugged off the pain for now. "Off to the right, about a few kilometers away, is priority mission. Thanks to Petrov and Boa’s data, I managed to triangulate."

A monstrous clanging of metal and then a pterondyne went down. It flew close enough to a startled Chaktakk and initiating a telekinetic pull, Char blasted it with his shotgun. The port side of the aircraft managed to get revenge and bumped the two towards the ground. Before it ascended into the sky, thinking it was safe, it began to melt. The aircraft disintegrated into abrasive ash particles in a matter of seconds.

Char rolled over, his gun danced onto the ground, going off blasting a few more Ashnishnia soldiers. He laughed, grabbed his gun and got up, "I didn't come here to play in the sandbox alone!" He ran towards more oncoming soldiers, a laugh trailed off.

A green light lit up Chaktakk’s portable arm device, or PACO. The PACO is a device that fits on one's wrist and serves as a communicator, receive data for storage, and provided application to perform other tactical activities. He initiated the hack tool he quickly programmed to identify the type of pterondynes. They registered as FOPNS-3 type, which meant the pterondyne's intelligence did possess organic traits, but they were from involuntary assimilation. That means the "guts" came from prisoners, or sub-humans who did not matter in the world anymore and were used to navigate, search, and destroy.

“Pterondynes are listed as FOPNS-3,” Chaktakk reported. “Light work, I must say.”

Each Orphanics’ acknowledgments heads-up display winked.
He tuned to the operating frequency of the pterondyne. Pressing another button on his PACO sent the pterondyne towards the side of the mountain. A loud boom and the pterondyne and whoever it was, didn’t exist anymore.
"Hell yes!" Chaktakk fist pumped.

Everywhere they turned, it seemed no end to the Ashnishnia soldiers emerging for a fight, as if they were bred from hell. The nine little warriors fought but they were tired and they knew it. With Sy's ability to regenerate energy, Char's mighty attitude, Petrov’s quick and nimble fighting, their shields, toys, and the abilities, it was Chelsea’s priority to fight through the stone, ash, and blood.

Our new enemy are against all odds, she thought.